Campaign Changes

Ending the Game (pg 47)

A. ​In the event of one player having no figures remaining on the board, the player with remaining figures does not collect all remaining treasure. Instead the game immediately ends and XP is awarded (see point C below).

B.​ At the end of turn 5 and for each following turn, roll a d20. If an 18 or higher is rolled, there is an additional turn, otherwise the game ends. Note: This assumes a ‘standard’ 3×3 ft table. For each foot of extra table edge space, there should be one additional turn before rolling a d20 (EX: For a 4×4 ft table, at the end of turn 6 a d20 would be rolled instead of at the end of turn 5).

C.​ When the game ends, all treasure still remaining on the board (whether carried or not) awards experience with half of the total going to each Wizard as per the modified experience tables (see III​ in changes to campaign experience).


Experience (pg 54)

  1. A Wizard gains no XP for removing any figures.
  2. A Wizard or Apprentice casting a spell during the game gains +20 XP for each spell. Out of game spells award no XP for casting.
  3. Unclaimed treasure is worth 50 XP and is awarded as detailed in C, Ending the Game​ (25 XP per player).
  4. If a Wizard survives the game, even if they exit the board, they gain +10 XP.
  5. ​Total the base cost of the Apprentice and remaining models in the warband that were not killed during the game (models that exited the table are considered not killed) and ignore the value of any equipment and/or magical items equipped. For every 250 in gold costs, rounding down, the player is awarded +10 XP. [EX: At the end of the game, a player has an Apprentice (200 gp) and 3 crossbowmen (50 gp ea.) on the table. Thier one ranger (100 gp) with a potion of Invulnerability had left the table carrying treasure. All other models were killed. The base total for the surviving warband is 450 gp, and the Wizard would gain +10 XP.]


Between Games

After each game, each player completes a single Out of Game Turn.

Out of Game Turn Sequence:

  1. Roll for Treasure
  2. Roll for Injuries
  3. Optional: Cast Out of Game Spells [can only be done once per Out of Game turn]
  4. Roll and apply Base effects (EX: the Library or Laboratory)
  5. Level Up Wizard
  6. Perform Wizard and Apprentice Actions
  7. Optional: Cast Out of Game Spells [can only be chosen if not done in step 3]

Wizard and Apprentice Actions (Turn Sequence 6)

During the Out of Game phase, the Wizard and his Apprentice may each take one Out of Game action. This is not affected by their current injury status (such as missing the next game) or any other game rule. Both actions must be declared before they are resolved.

The options are as follows:

  1. ​Visit a Vendor
  2. Oversee Improvements
  3. Recruit Soldiers
  4. Scour the Ruins

The following activities may be performed freely and do not consume an action:

  • Dismiss Soldiers
  • Wizard Healthcare
  • Buy/Sell Mundane Items (weapons and armour)
  • Transfer items between warband members


Visit a Vendor

The spellcaster chooses one of the following vendors:

  • ­ Potion Vendor
  • ­ Scroll Vendor
  • ­ Grimoire Vendor
  • ­ Magic Item Vendor
  • ­ Magic Weapons/Armour Vendor

When visiting a vendor, roll 3 times on the appropriate table for that vendor. These are the only items available during this visit, and may be purchased at their listed price as per the table. Items are not freely available as described in the Frostgrave rulebook. A player may also sell items but they must match the type of items that the vendor sells [EX: A potion vendor will only buy potions, a scroll vendor will only buy scrolls, etc.]. Items can only be sold in this manner, and are not sold freely as described in the Frostgrave rulebook.

Oversee Improvements

The spellcaster may oversee the building of a single base resource, at the cost listed in the Frostgrave rulebook. The cost must be paid, and the improvement can be added to the Warband’s record sheet. This is the only way that base resources may be constructed.

Recruit Soldiers

The spellcaster may recruit any number of soldiers by paying their costs as per the Frostgrave rulebook. This is the only way that new soldiers may be recruited.

Scour the Ruins

This action can only be chosen if a player captured zero treasure counters in the previous game, and may only be performed once per Out of Game Turn. Roll once on the treasure table and halve any gain in gold. The Wizard also gains 25 XP.

Campaign Changes

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