Arrival at Felstad

During the night three wizards happened upon the ancient city of Felstad – now known by the surrounding taverns and locals as Frostgrave, and started to seek their fortunes.  As morbid as possible, even in this ruined husk of a once great empire, the three happened upon each other in one of Felstad's many graveyards.

The elves of the Fanciful Coast  used their superior speed to try and out-run the others to victory, while in the process did what they could to try and take down as many of the opposing party's members as possible.  They even went so far as to knock out the infamous hero known only as "Dwarven Hood".

The Daughters of Blood seemed to fair well enough for themselves by taking a staggering lead on obtaining the treasures that were seen, however, they seemed to falter once they met the wrong end of a dwarven warhammer.  In addition to this, it seemed that the girls were in a prolonged battle with the elves to see who was truly more beautiful.

The stoic dwarves had some of the worst luck of all.  Initially only obtaining a single treasure for themselves, and having nearly all of the hirelings get knocked out in battle, it was a very nice turn of events when one of the Daughter's treasure haulers was shot down by elven magic.  This gave the Dwarven apprentice, Adnir Stoneshaper, the chance to get a truly heroic teleportation spell off and grab the treasure for the dwarves.  

After the snow had settled, each warband made off with 3 treasures each, and perhaps a little more respect for their newfound adversaries…


autowaaagh Digganob

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