They Were Not Prepared

Paragons Vs Daughters

Settling in fast, the Daughters established their base Svidrif tårn (Scorched Tower) and at once set out to uncover more mysteries of the long frozen city. Late into their second day, Freya led her girls into the ruins of what looked to be an old crumbled museum. Little did she know the Paragons of the Storm had scouts already in place, and at the first notice the entire war band came running.

The two parties, stubborn to relinquish their first findings, squared off and in moments it became a mad dash for the treasure that stood so enticingly in the middle of the ruins. The daughters reached the treasure first, which was surprising, since elves were known for their speed and grace. That day must have been to cold for their fragile bodies, but did nothing to waver their hunger for knowledge and loot. Skaga grabbed the first treasure of the day, but what came next was nothing short of horrifying.

Behind each treasure stood an imposing statue, of what looked to be some type of legendary warrior of old. Unbeknown to the two war bands, when the treasures were picked up, the statues woke up too. One after another the statues came to life, attacking anything and everything that was close enough to it. One of the daughters fell to a wild swing of the statues, and another went down to a precise shot in the back from an elven crossbow. Both parties were caught off guard by this sudden interruption and scrambled out of the area as fast as they could with what little treasure they could hold on to. None the less the old crumbled museum has been marked and noted and there is still plenty of treasure left to be found.


autowaaagh Digganob

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