Setting up shop

After their first encounter with the other parties that have made their way to Frostgrave, the Dwarves from Undermountain set to establish a forward camp within the city.  They say certain animals instinctively know where water is, and the same is true for the Dwarves… if the water were beer.  A rundown old brewery had been found and the dwarves began work on renovations to make it a suitable home, thus was born the Grudgebearer Brewery.

Undermountain dwarves are famous for their hospitality, even to foes in times of war, and Garrik is no exception to this.  His brew is for any and all that have the coin for it, and his brewery/microtavern is welcome to any that wish to sit and have a pint.  They may be foes on the battlefield, but inside everyone is a friend.  Just don't cause a ruckus if you know what's good for ya!


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