March of the Dwarves

The Dwarves from Undermountain set out from their brewery to search the ruins of the city.  They happened upon what looked to be an unsuspecting mausoleum.  However, the female witches arrived nearly at the same time.  With many a treasure horde laying scattered around the area, both parties went to work to get what they could before getting the hell out of there.  However, as the witches came to find out, the two parties weren't quite alone.  The bones of the undead kept creeping up out of the mausoleum to slow down the adventurer's progress, but they seemed to be more focused on the ladies than the stout dwarves.  The dwarven apprentice fell in combat, but only suffered a mild crushed arm in the process.  This, however, gave the rest of the dwarven party the time they needed to procure a good number of the special treasures that lay near the house of the undead.

On the way back to their brewery, the dwarves took what they thought would be a shortcut across a decrepit old bridge.  However, on the other side of this bridge were the Elves of the Fanciful Coast!  Still licking their wounds, the dwarves did what they could to hurry across and avoid the elvish missile attacks by magically constructing enough walls to segment the whole of Felstad in half.  However, a giant worm again knocked the poor apprentice unconscious for the remainder of the battle, however, he was able to recover with no injury this time.

After this final encounter, the Dwarves were able to make it back to their base of operations and Garrik learned quite a few new tricks throughout his venture.  With materials scaveneged he was able to set up a workshop in the brewery to help with his latest construction project…


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